Eideticom is a leading supplier of software and end-solutions targeting enterprise storage and compute. Our extensive experience developing and deploying enterprise grade products enables our customers and partners to confidently and successfully deliver their products to market.

NoLoad™ Storage & Compute Workload Acceleration

Eideticom announces its NoLoad™ (NVMe Offload) FPGA-based storage and compute accelerator platform. NoLoad’s NVMe compatible interface provides seamless integration for all CPU platforms and key features include

  • Initial support for acceleration of storage workloads I.e. Erasure Coding, Deduplication & Compression
  • Target platforms includes COTS PCIe FPGA cards and cloud fpga servers
  • Support for PCIe Gen3x8/x16 and Gen4x8

Please see our NoLoad product brief for further information.

NoLoad’s firmware platform is also available for licensing on custom or other application platforms. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

FEC IP Cores

Eideticom’s Forward Error Correction products leverage our world-class expertise in designing FEC solutions for applications including Enterprise Storage, Optical Transport Networking and wireless. We are experts at implementing LDPC and other decoders for the most stringent enterprise applications where error floor performance and robust operation must be assured. Eideticom is also able to offer custom LDPC and other decoders supporting user-defined rates and throughput with significantly improved error floor performance and low-power operation over standard compliant decoders. Please contact us directly for more details.

Looking for more practical info about LDPC decoders in regards to their architecture, implementation and utilization in industry? Click here to browse the Eideticom LDPC Wiki.

The deliverables for our software modules include C source or object code, Verilog/VHDL source code or object code, synthesis scripts, testbenches, simulation models and documentation. We work very closely with our customers and provide an outstanding level of design support to allow you to successfully integrate the software IP into your end system whether it be a server, System on Chip (SoC), FPGA or DSP target.