At Eideticom we are incredibly excited by NVMe Computational Storage. Our existing NoLoad® products use NVMe to connect accelerators to applications, this provides our customers with an end-to-end computational storage solutions. Our customers see value in a rich, open-source, vendor-neutral software ecosystem for computational storage and that's what standards like NVMe can enable. 

We had a busy couple of weeks at Eideticom recently with Open Compute (OCP) Summit and the NVM Express Annual Meeting back-to-back. In this blog I wanted to fill you in on some of our activities at those two events.

Eideticom is a leader in Computational Storage! Computational Storage is a new computer architecture initiative that aims to improve the performance, efficiency and cost of computer systems by moving computation tasks closer to the storage layer.

In this blog we will look back on a great 2018 for the Computational Storage initiative and look forward to 2019 and discuss some of the things we expect to see.