Every year SNIA holds an event called Storage Developers’ Conference in San Jose. This year’s event was, as usual, an excellent technical conference attended by a Who’s Who of the storage architect world. As well as having excellent technical tracks this event is renowned for its networking with plenty of opportunities for hallway and bar conversations.

In a previous blog I was very pleased to announce that Eideticom, in partnership with Xilinx, IBM and Rackspace, performed the first public demo of NVM Express at PCIe Gen4. In this blog I’d like to give a Mellanox ARM64 update to that work and tie it into the bringup of our U.2 NoLoadTM!

I recently spoke at the NVMe Members forum on a topic near and dear to my heart. The topic was “Enabling the NVMe CMB and PMR Ecosystem” and was given with Oren Duer, Director of Storage Software at Mellanox.  You can click on the links to the presentation and even better a link to a video recorded at the event.