We take verification of our IP very seriously at Eideticom. While running test-benches against our new compression RTL core for our NoLoad NVMe accelerator we hit a bug. Turns out the bug was actually in the software version of zlib, a software library used for data compression and had lain in the code for 13 years. We reported the bug to Mark Adler and he pushed a fix to GitHub! Nice work Danilo Ramos, MSc, P.Eng and the others on the Eideticom team for tracking this down.

Here is the link to Mark’s zlib update on github:

If you are interested in deploying offloaded compression in your NVM Express based systems give me a shout because the Eideticom NoLoad could be perfect for you!

In this blog we are very pleased to announce, the U.2 version of our NoLoad™ NVM Express (NVMe) computational storage and offload engine. Working with our friends at Nallatech we have developed a ground-up solution for NVMe based offload for storage and analytics in a form-factor that is ideal for next-generation, NVMe based, storage and compute systems. We are very happy to have Allan Cantle (CTO and Founder at Nallatech, a Molex company) act as a co-author on today’s blog. Nallatech are our hardware partner in the development of the U.2 NoLoad™.

I mentioned in my last blog that NVM Express (NVMe) is fast. Today it got even faster as we demonstrate, what we believe, is the first public domain demo of NVMe running over PCIe Gen4. This doubles the throughput of NVMe and allows systems built around NVMe to achieve performance levels that have been unobtainable before now.