I mentioned in my last blog that NVM Express (NVMe) is fast. Today it got even faster as we demonstrate, what we believe, is the first public domain demo of NVMe running over PCIe Gen4. This doubles the throughput of NVMe and allows systems built around NVMe to achieve performance levels that have been unobtainable before now.

On February 14th Eideticom pushed some code into upstream Storage Performance Developers Kit ( and that enables new and interesting capabilities related to NVM Express (NVMe) SSDs with Controller Memory Buffers (CMBs). In this article I take a closer look at why we did that and why it’s good for the producers and users of NVMe devices.

I’m very excited to share some details about work we at Eideticom recently did with Broadcom, one of our NIC partners, which led to our latest news release. Here is the backstory on why NoLoad™ FPGA compute disaggregation running via Broadcom’s NeXtreme SOC as described in the press release is groundbreaking.