Companies enable a new-generation of storage performance for the OpenPOWER eco-system based on open-standards at PCIe Gen4 speeds.

Calgary, Canada – March 12th, 2018 – Eideticom, IBM, Rackspace and Xilinx are pleased to demonstrate the Eideticom NoLoad™ NVM Express (NVMe) Computational Storage acceleration platform running the NVMe protocol at PCIe Gen4 speeds in a Rackspace BarrelEye G2 POWER9-equipped system, doubling performance compared to other systems in production today. This announcement enables Rackspace, IBM and other Open Compute and OpenPOWER system vendors to avail of the next generation of storage and compute acceleration performance leveraging the industry-exclusive PCIe Gen4 capabilities of IBM's POWER9 processor, Rackspace’s server, Xilinx’s FPGA technology and Eideticom's NVMe-based accelerator products.

BarrelEye G2 Server

NVMe is the most popular protocol for Solid State Drives (SSDs) in Enterprise, Data-Center and High-Performance Computing markets. It has a broad eco-system and excellent software support in all major operating systems including Linux. NVMe uses PCIe to connect the CPU to the SSDs and IBM’s POWER9 is the first production CPU with PCIe Gen4 IO, nearly doubling the data bandwidth of PCIe Gen3, to which x86 remains committed. Eideticom deployed their NVMe-based accelerator, NoLoad™ product on top of Xilinx’s FPGA technology on a production ready FPGA acceleration card inside a production ready OpenPOWER server from Rackspace.

"We built the POWER9 CPU from the ground-up with the most data-intensive workloads in mind,” said IBM VP and Fellow Brad McCredie. “PCIe Gen4 devices are critical components to driving performance across the system stack, and with POWER9 their full potential can be realized.”

“We are excited to incorporate Eideticom’s storage acceleration and PCIe Gen4 technology in our Barreleye G2 server,” said Adi Gangidi, system design engineer at Rackspace. “Accelerator IP enablers like Eideticom are helping drive the widespread data center adoption of a new and unmatched class of IO.”

“Xilinx UltraScale+ All Programmable devices offer unique capabilities to enable the highest performance for demanding Data Center storage and compute acceleration workloads,” said Manish Muthal, Vice President of Data Center at Xilinx. “Leveraging leading standards based interfaces including NVM Express and PCIe Gen4 allows application developers to rapidly deploy new solutions into the market.”

"The POWER9 processor from IBM is the perfect CPU for data-intensive workloads like machine learning and now we can feed that processor with data velocity that other systems simply can't match." said Stephen Bates, Chief Technology Officer, Eideticom. "Customers need this to improve the performance of their applications and can utilize this benefit to reduce PCIe lane count and free up slots for other IO devices. No other CPU in production today can offer this kind of performance improvement. Combining this CPU with the next-generation OpenCompute/OpenPOWER server from RackSpace leads to a solution with storage bandwidth that is second to none.”

“The OpenPOWER Foundation has been aggressively adopting PCIe Gen4 because we see the need for faster storage, network and compute” said Bryan Talik, President of the OpenPOWER Foundation “OpenPOWER has already demonstrated PCIe Gen4 support with IBM, Mellanox, and Xilinx and we are delighted that Eideticom can now offer fast storage and compute via NVMe over that PCIe Gen4 ecosystem”

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