San Francisco, California

Eideticom, the leader in NVMe® Computational Storage, today announced a partnership with Los Alamos National Labs, Nvidia, SK Hynix and Aeon to develop an Accelerated Box of Flash (ABOF) platform targeting scientific data analysis, which can deliver 10 to 30 times the performance of current systems.

“Scientific data and the data-driven scientific discovery techniques used to analyze that data are both growing rapidly,” said Dominic Manno, a researcher with the Lab’s High Performance Computing Division. “Performing the complex analysis to enable scientific discovery requires huge advances in the performance and efficiency of scientific data storage systems. The ABOF programmable appliance enables high-performance storage solutions to more easily leverage the rapid performance improvements of networks and storage devices, ultimately making more scientific discovery possible. Placing computation near storage minimizes data movement and improves the efficiency of both simulation and data-analysis pipelines.”

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