Eideticom awarded Chinese computational storage patent  

Calgary, Alberta | September 19, 2023 - Eideticom, the leader in NVMe® Computational Storage, today announced it has been assigned its first Chinese patent (ZL2018800384864) for “Apparatus and Method for Controlling Data Acceleration”.

The Chinese patent right was granted on September 5, 2023 under Patent Number ZL2018800384864. The abstract of the patent states: Systems and methods are provided that facilitate performing hardware acceleration processes without utilizing specialized drivers that are software and hardware specific by controlling the hardware accelerator with NVMe commands. The NVMe commands may be based on standardized NVMe commands provided in the NVMe specification, or may be vendor-specific commands that are supported by the NVMe specification. The commands are sent to the NVMe accelerator by a host CPU which, in some embodiments, may be located remotely to the NVMe accelerator. The NVMe accelerator may include a CMB on which a host CPU may set up an NVMe queue in order to reduce PCIe traffic on a PCIe bus connecting the CPU and the NVMe accelerator. The CMB may also be used by a host CPU to transfer data for acceleration to reduce bandwidth in the DMA controller or to remove host staging buffers and memory copies.

Inventors: Sean Gibb, Roger Bertschmann

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Eideticom was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing world-class Computational Storage solutions for cloud, HPC and enterprise data centers. Eideticom’s NoLoad® Computational Storage solutions are accelerating data center infrastructure enabling greater scalability, increased performance and dramatically lowering cost.

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