Leveraging Eideticom’s Expertise, Beeks Group Enhances Its On-Demand Financial Cloud Services

Calgary-based Eideticom, a leading force in computational storage solutions, is pleased to confirm its partnership with Beeks Group. With the recent integration of Eideticom's NoLoad computational storage solutions, Beeks' on-demand financial cloud now boasts enhanced performance and efficiency.

"The strategic incorporation of Eideticom’s NVMe computational storage has allowed us to deliver a truly next-generation platform, marking a pivotal advancement for our financial cloud services, specifically Beeks Analytics", Steve Rodgers, Chief Technology Officer at Beeks Group, commented. "NoLoad is a crucial component of our new platform, powering our on-premise, cloud and as-a-service solutions."

"NoLoad unlocks capacity whilst retaining as small a footprint as possible - key to meeting the ever-increasing demands inherent in capital markets and financial services," Steve continues. "This collaboration reinforces our dedication to providing industry-leading observability, performance and value as part of the capital markets cloud". 

“We are pleased to offer production solutions with Beeks Group that provide a secure, scalable, and robust platform for global capital markets. This platform enables financial enterprises the ability to experience the full benefit of on-demand compute.” said Roger Bertschmann, CEO at Eideticom. “NoLoad computational storage solutions offer high performance, cost-efficiency and reliability which are key requirements for the demanding financial services market.”

About Beeks:  

Cloud computing is crucial to Capital Markets and finance.

Beeks Group is a leading managed cloud provider exclusively within this fast-moving sector. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service model is optimised for low-latency private cloud compute, connectivity and analytics, providing the flexibility to deploy and connect to exchanges, trading venues and public cloud for a true hybrid cloud experience.

ISO 27001 certified, we provide world-class security aligned to global security requirements.

Founded in 2011, Beeks Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: BKS) and has enjoyed continued growth each year. Beeks Group now employs over 100 team members across the globe with the majority based at our Renfrew HQ.

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About Eideticom

Eideticom was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing world-class Computational Storage Solutions for cloud and enterprise data centers. Eideticom's NoLoad® Computational Storage Technology is accelerating data center infrastructure, enabling greater scalability and dramatically lowering cost. More information about Eideticom products and solutions can be found at