Accelerating NVM Express Storage with Eideticom’s NoLoad®, AMD EPYC CPUs, and p2pdma

  • Eideticom’s NoLoad® NVM Express Computational Storage Processor can offload the CPU by a factor of 70 for industry standard compression. This can save the customer cost, power and physical space when compared to a software-only solution.
  • The AMD EPYCTM processor’s internal PCIe® switch removes the need for an external PCIe switch which can save the customer cost, power and board space in the server.
  • Using Eideticom’s NoLoad NVM Express Computational Storage Processor and the Linux® p2pdma framework removes 100% of DMA traffic from the CPU’s memory subsystem.


Download AMD Eideticom Solution Brief

RocksDB Acceleration using NoLoad® CSP

  • The recent trend of using high performance PCIe devices to move, manipulate and store data in compute and storage servers is creating new bottlenecks. High performance Network Interface Cards (NICs), NAND based NVM Express (NVMe) SSDs and GPGPUs are all capable of generating multiple-GB/s of PCIe traffic.
  • This volume of PCIe traffic can be problematic and chokes the CPU in multiple places. Some of which include the internal CPU bus, Last Level Cache (LLC), Memory and Integrated Memory Controllers (IMCs). All of which lead to additional latency and poorer quality of service for applications.
  • Eideticom’s NoLoad® Computational Storage Processor (CSP) with Xilinx® AlveoTM accelerator cards can overcome all of the issues noted above.


Download RocksDB Xilinx Solution Brief