Database Acceleration

Today's world of faster and more virtualized-servers, storage, and network connections, means that workloads are growing in scale and complexity. A critical application to guarantee improved Quality of Service (QoS) is the database, and a database's interactions with storage are critical to improve overall speed and user experience. Eideticom's Noload® Computational Storage Processor (CSP) delivers the flexibility to accelerate a range of database applications by leveraging hardware-based computational offloads with unmatched scalability, performance and efficiency.


Storage Systems

Storage systems are facing ever increasing demands as customers upgrade from spinning disks and legacy protocols like SCSI to solid state drives and NVM Express. The volume and velocity of data in these storage systems requires a new way of providing storage services like RAID, encryption, deduplication and compression. Eideticom's NoLoad Computational Storage Processor allows Storage System vendors to offload these critical tasks from the CPU and introduce new, more efficient data-paths to reduce cost and increase performance and efficiency.


Peer to Peer (P2P)

PCIe End-Points (EPs) are getting faster and faster e.g. NVMe SSDs, RDMA NICs & GPGPUs. Bounce buffering all I/O data through system memory is a waste of system resources and reduces QoS for CPU memory. Eideticom's NoLoad P2P allows PCIe EPs to DMA to each other whilst under host CPU control. 99.99% of DMA traffic now goes directly between EPs, so P2P avoids CPU's memory subsystem.


Eideticom's NoLoad Accelerators identify as NVMe Namespaces, which can be accessed/shared using NVMe-oF. NoLoad Accelerators located in a remote server can be accessed by any client with a RDMA or TCP/IP connection. Eideticom enables the disaggregation of FPGA Accelerators using NoLoad CSP and NVMe-oF. We help our customers get their accelerators out-of-the-box and shared across the datacenter.


AI and ML are becoming dominant workloads in both data-centers and at the edge. However, AI and ML algorithms run very inefficiently on standard CPUs. Eideticom's NoLoad CSP allows customers to run AI and ML workloads at scale in a cost-effective and efficient manner. By offloading key AI and ML tasks to our NoLoad CSP customers get results faster, for lower cost and more efficiently than via CPUs.

Data Analytics

With the explosive growth in data, the ability for conventional computer architectures to perform analytics has been compromised. Eideticom's NoLoad CSP offers a new way to perform data analytics that leads to scalable, efficient and lower cost solutions. By offloading key computation tasks to our NoLoad Computational Storage Processor, and by reducing data movement, we can scale data analytics in a cost and power efficient way.

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